Yemen damage and needs assessment: crisis impact on employment and labour market

The objective of this rapid assessment was to assess the impact of the crisis on employment and livelihoods, with a focus on youth and the most vulnerable household members in Sana’a City, Al Hodeidah and Aden.

Based on a request by the Government, the ILO, in collaboration with the Yemeni Central Statistical Organization (CSO), has conducted a rapid assessment survey to assess the impact of the crisis on employment in Sana'a, Aden and Al Hodeidah using samples extracted from the 2013–14 Labour Force Survey. The rapid assessment focuses specifically on (a) the impact of the crisis on employment status, (b) vulnerability profiles, and (c) the coping strategies of individuals and households.

The survey followed the same methodology as the original Labour Force Survey 2013–14, and used the same questionnaire so that the results could be compared. The questionnaire included some additional questions on school attendance, labour market participation, as well as employment in the informal sector. The questionnaire was administered to 704 households surveyed by the Labour Force Survey in the three governorates. Households that could notbe accessed (mainly because ofsecurity threats) were substituted with others of similar socio-demographic characteristics. The data were weighted, so as to provide valid estimates at the governorate level. Analyses of unemployment have generally been avoided, as they are of limited utility in view of the specific characteristics of the Yemeni labour market.