Manual for UNRWA Employment Service Centres

This manual is developed as a self-instructional guidebook for staff working in UNRWA employment service centres supporting Palestine refugees in UNRWA’s five fields of operation. It can also be used by all staff providing education, career guidance and counselling to Palestine refugees.

This manual is prepared by ILO based on learning materials used as part of the implementation of the employment service centres in Lebanon, as part of a project funded by SDC. As such, the materials have been tried within the centres’ operations, and improved based on lessons learnt and international good practices. It is composed of five chapters: (1) Role of employment service centres; (2) Organizational structure of employment service centres; (3) Core functions of employment service centres; (4) Expected core competencies and work ethics; and (5) Illustrative workflows. Relevant templates are included in appendices, and there is a bibliography for further reading.