Information Services

To ensure that the benefits of policy and institutional interventions have a direct impact on workers’ migration and employment experiences, FAIRWAY will address practical barriers to accessing rights and further unlocking migrant workers’ development potential.

FAIRWAY will ensure that migrants have better knowledge of their rights and have access to support services supplied by government agencies, labour attachés, trade unions, and civil society organizations. This will be done through a combination of strategies. First, the Programme will support enhancing access to reliable information relating to employment opportunities abroad, improved pre-departure and post-arrival orientation training, and financial education to better leverage use of remittances. Second, the will work on strengthening existing mechanisms (e.g. improvements to existing pre-departure curriculums and training processes) and will use existing infrastructure (e.g. existing job centres, networks of public employment services or migrant resource centres, shelters abroad) to enhance services delivering information and support to migrant workers.

Protection services abroad are a crucial gap in ensuring that workers benefit from their migration and employment experience abroad. FAIRWAY will emphasise the development of additional protection measures in countries of origin (such as procedures for contract verification) while working on comprehensive actions to improve labour attachés’ capacity to provide needed services.

FAIRWAY will also explore means through which workers can access skills development and recognition opportunities through inter-regional dialogue, bilateral dialogue amongst employers and through strengthening the capacity of existing institutions to  support migrant workers in accessing skills recognition systems.

Finally, migrant workers’ and their families will benefit from strengthened capacity to make informed choices about the use of remittances and remittance-linked services , which can enhance the welfare of low-income households as well as support enterprises and job creation, contributing to development.

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