Decent work and recruitment

The Programme will work towards strengthening recruitment regulations and compliance through better monitoring, enforcement, and professionalization of the recruitment industry. Assessments of the political economy of recruitment practices will shed light on the specific challenges that may affect progress toward policy reform. Social partners will be supported to engage in constructive policy dialogue, including through capacity building and support to gather evidence for advocacy purposes.

As evidence has shown, the payment of excessive recruitment fees increases the risk of workers of experiencing forced labour, debt bondage and human trafficking. In response, FAIRWAY will support partnerships between Ministries of Labour and National Statistical Offices to implement SDG indicator 10.7.1, and monitor the recruitment fees and related costs paid by workers.

FAIRWAY will also promote and support countries of origin to ratify relevant international labour standards with the view to undertaking national reforms and ensuring their increased legitimacy at the international level and promote measures to protect the labour rights of their nationals working abroad.

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