Collective Bargaining

A Collective Bargaining Agreement for Jordan's Ready Made Garment Sector

The agreement, which will affect 55,000 workers, 40,000 of whom work in the export sector, is one of the most comprehensive collective bargaining agreements to be found in Jordan and in the apparel sector globally. It is a significant step for the garment sector in Jordan, and will play a major role in strengthening worker representation, social dialogue and industrial relations.

Briefing note | 30 September 2013


The CBA covers all workers and employers in the apparel industry without discrimination, in accordance with Jordanian labour law.

Among others, the CBA includes provisions on:

  • Regulating working hours, wages, and bonuses
  • Improved occupational health and safety both at factories and dorms
  • Equal treatment of all workers
  • A unified contract for migrant workers
  • Union dues check-off
  • Recognition of unions and their right to access factories
  • Settlement mechanisms to deal with contract disputes
  • Annual seniority bonuses for all workers regardless of their nationalities