Palestinian Employment Programme

The project aims to improve management and increase productivity of existing small scale construction enterprises.


Shelter is a basic need and investment in housing, building and general infrastructure is a prerequisite to most forms of development, income generation and employment generation. Since it is generally considered that the level and current state of infrastructure in the West Bank and Gaza is inadequate and below that found in other countries at similar levels of development, and that investment in maintenance and in new infrastructure has been much below requirements, it is unlikely that the level of construction demand will diminish in the near future. Within the context of rapid growth in construction, many problems and limitations are emerging, and there is a danger that the overstretched small local contractors will not be able to cope effectively with the growing demand for their services. It is, therefore, important and urgent to increase the capacity and efficiency of the private contracting sector as rapidly as possible.


The project aims to improve management and increase productivity of existing small scale construction enterprises. It focuses on:
  • Identifying local institutions that will be capable of providing management training and counselling for small scale construction enterprises using the “Improve Your Construction Business” (IYCB) methodology and materials.
  • Ensuring the application of the new measures and effective management practices by the beneficiaries of the project, the managers/owners of the small scale construction enterprises.

Expected results

Upon completion of the project, the following results will be achieved:
  • A published policy document describing the practices, problems and training needs of small contractors in the West Bank and Gaza, as a basis for designing an effective IYCB training programme and also understanding constraints to optimum performance stemming from the prevailing business environment;
  • A report identifying local institutions qualified and interested to participate in the training programme;
  • A published Arabic edition of the three IYCB handbooks and workbooks for use in the project and later use in the West Bank and Gaza and elsewhere;
  • A trainers’ manual including guidelines for contractor selection, proposals for a training programme of 2-3 weeks duration, session plans, description of activities, the use of training material, and a programme for follow-up counselling and assistance;
  • 5 trainers/counsellors trained in the principles and practice of IYCB and ICT training;
  • Owners/managers of 25 to 30 small scale construction enterprises in the West Bank and Gaza will be trained in two batches during the pilot implementation of the IYCB programme; and
  • Local institutional capacity established to provide a continuing capacity to conduct training programmes for small constructions enterprises as well as to provide practical advice and guidance.