ILO strengthens work-related protection by enhancing social security rights for Jordanian and Syrian informal workers

The ILO and Jordan’s Social Security Corporation (SSC) opened the registration for the second phase of Estidama++ aiming at extending social security coverage.

Press release | 20 October 2023
Hani, a self-employed taxi driver in Amman
The International Labour Organization (ILO) and Jordan's Social Security Corporation (SSC) launched the second phase of the Estidama++ Fund to support registering vulnerable informal workers in social security and ensure protection against lifecycle risks.

The new registration window opened in August 2023 to support male and female Jordanian and non-Jordanian vulnerable informal workers, including refugees, by providing contribution subsidies and coverage rewards to support their enrolment in social security schemes.

The project is expected to reach more than 32 thousand workers, with special focus on Syrian refugees and women.

The Estidama++ Fund is administered by SSC to strengthen workers' access to social insurance benefits such as work injury insurance, maternity, and other core social security benefits, while promoting long-term participation in the SSC.

Mohammed Khrais, Estidama++ coordinator at SSC
"Estidama++ Fund provides SSC with the opportunity to introduce innovative and adaptive approaches to extend social security to workers and employers amidst these economically challenging times. The design of each phase addresses the affordability constraints faced by informal workers with limited contributory capacity. We hope that Estidama++ can offer much-needed support for workers who are often left without any protection,” said Mohammed Khrais, Estidama++ coordinator at SSC.

The second phase of the project targets wage workers in micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and self-employed workers to register in SSC by subsidizing contributions for 12 months and offering coverage rewards.

Salwa, the executive director of a small company in Amman, came across the program on Facebook and registered three staff during phase one.

Salwa, executive director of a company in Amman
“I think Estidama++ plays a crucial role for small companies with limited resources like ours because it reduces some of the financial burdens of monthly contributions. When I enrolled in Estidama++, I wanted to ensure a secure working environment for the staff and protect them against potential risks,” said Salwa.

Employers can now benefit by receiving a contribution subsidy of 360 Jordanian dinars (around $507 US dollars) for each registered worker. Additionally, the registered wage worker receives a coverage reward of 400 dinars (around $564), paid by SSC over four instalments.

Salwa is excited to hear that registration is open again for the companies. “Our company is expanding and is planning to hire new employees. I will enrol the new staff in Estidama++ because it helps me cut costs and provides newcomers with a top up on their salaries for one year.”

Estidama++ extends support to various categories of workers in different sectors such as agricultural workers, tour guides and taxi drivers, in addition to flexible work permit holders of Syrian nationality. These workers can make use of the two support mechanisms for self-employed workers: the contribution subsidy of 360 dinars (around $507) and the coverage reward of 400 dinars (around $564) as their waged worker counterparts.

Hani, who is self-employed, recently resumed social security contributions through Estidama++. After losing a full-time job, he decided to work as a yellow taxi driver in Amman. He believes that contributing to social security has provided a sense of security for him and his family. "The Estidama++ fund is important for vulnerable workers who often lack support. I believe many people work for decades without registering for social security, which can lead to a loss of income during retirement," said Hani. "Regardless of age, I advise everyone to register with Estidama++, as there is always time to start securing your future."

Estidama++ is a multi-donor fund with contributions from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Norway. The Social Security Corporation (SSC) manages the Estidama++ Fund with technical support from the ILO under the framework of the agreement signed by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, the ILO and the SSC.

SSC launched the first phase in June 2022. The registration for the second phase started in August 2023 and is available via SSC website

For more information on Estidama++, please visit: Estidama++ Fund - Extension of Coverage and Formalization in Jordan.