ILO-German partnership set to create green jobs and boost sustainable development in Jordan

A new phase of an Employment Intensive Infrastructure Programme (EIIP) in Jordan, funded by the Government of Germany, will focus on creating jobs for vulnerable groups while increasing forest cover in the country

Press release | 06 October 2022

AMMAN (ILO News) - The ILO and the German development bank KfW signed into force a new phase of the German funded Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) with a budget of 18 million euros that provides short-term employment for Jordanians and for Syrian refugees.

“The new phase will focus on creating green jobs through works to rehabilitate forest and increase forest cover in the country, in line with Jordan’s National Afforestation Project” said ILO Deputy Regional Director for Arab States Peter Rademaker, who signed the new phase into force on behalf of the ILO. The ILO will also provide employment services such as skills and entrepreneurship development to workers engaged in the programme.

The Programme falls within BMZ’s “Partnership for Prospects – P4P” framework. The aim of the P4P initiative is to create job opportunities that enable both refugees and vulnerable Jordanians to earn their own income. Including the people who live in the regions that host refugees is particularly important as a means of stabilising social peace.

ILO Deputy Regional Director for Arab States Peter Rademaker (left) signing with Solveig Buhl, director of KfW Development Bank in Beirut.

The German-funded EIIP programme in Jordan began its work in 2016 as part of the ILO’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis in the country. Previous phases (1-5) had focused on maintenance and cleaning of roads and municipal buildings and facilities. The project has steadily moved towards a more sustainable approach through focusing on longer term job opportunities, asset building and green works.

Since 2016, the Programme in Jordan has generated almost 1.4 million worker days. Hundreds of workers have received post-employment skills training certificates or have completed certified professional training courses.