Employment Intensive Investment Programme

Safe Resumption of EIIP Projects in Lebanon

New guidelines are being employed to ensure the safe resumption of work in the field.

خبر | ١٦ يوليو, ٢٠٢٠
BEIRUT (ILO News) – Employment Intensive Investment Programme projects are resuming gradually in the 12 municipal areas in which the programme operates across Lebanon, adopting the new normal international standards of post COVID-19 work procedures and adhering to national and local rules and regulations.

The safety and security of all team members and local communities remain the utmost priority of the programme, and thus EIIP COVID-19 guidelines were developed to ensure the safe resumption of work in the field.

All contractors along with Social Safeguard Officers are fully trained on EIIP COVID-19 guidelines, and are equipped with all the needed information. They will in turn raise awareness in respective municipalities and local communities. All workers received training on COVID-19 preventive measures before resuming work; daily monitoring checklists and registration are taking place on-site.

Close coordination and collaboration with municipalities, PPEs, health units and referral mechanisms are all set in place.

To ensure that safety measures are maintained on site at all times, EIIP Social Safeguard Officers are present daily on-site, monitoring and overseeing the implementation of safety measures, coordinating with municipalities, identifying gaps and proposing corrective measures.

All partners on the EIIP, are working together and exerting all efforts, to ensure that work is being conducted in a safe manner, respecting all national and international COVID-19 preventive measures.

Figure 1. Disinfection of tools – Road Maintenance Tarchich- Zahle Project
Figure 2. Measuring temperature of all people present on site in the morning – Road Maintenance Tarchich- Zahle Project
Figure 3. Reception area onsite to measure temperature and register all people present onsite – Agricultural Roads Marjeyoun Project
Figure 4. Safe social distancing is maintained onsite at all times – Agricultural Roads Marjeyoun Project
Figure 5. Frequent and proper handwashing is promoted and facilitated, even on mobile sites – Road Maintenance Jbeil - Annaya Project