ILO response to Syrian refugee crisis

ILO launches first of its kind employment platform that targets both Syrian refugees and Jordanians

The new service aims to boost job matching and training opportunities for both Jordanian and Syrian workers and job-seekers from across different sectors. 

News | 14 February 2019
Amman, Jordan (ILO News) The first on-line job counselling and guidance platform to target Syrian workers has been launched by the ILO in Jordan. The platform, which is also available to Jordanians, offers workers improved access to job and training opportunities across multiple sectors.

It is also the first of its kind to integrate web, mobile and telephone services under one platform, making the new system easily accessible to workers, reaching out to a greater number of workers.
Available in Arabic and in English, the new platform facilitates the matching of workers with suitable employment and training opportunities. At the same time, it facilitates employers’ access to a qualified workforce. It is anticipated that this platform will help support the employment of Syrian refugees and Jordanians in qualifying companies under the new EU-Jordan trade agreement.
Any Jordanian worker with a valid national ID number, and Syrian workers with Ministry of Interior cards can register on the platform. Either individually, or with the support of a career counselor, job seekers can complete their profiles, upload CVs and any relevant qualifications to support matching with relevant training and job opportunities. Employers and training providers can upload job vacancies, training and internship opportunities and receive applications from interested and qualified job seekers.

“This new integrated platform is a testimony to the great achievements that have been made in the past few years,” said Maha Kattaa, ILO’s Regional Resilience and Crisis Response Specialist. “The platform will not only support workers and employers through job-matching service but it will provide the government with accurate figures on the number of those placed in jobs. This will greatly contribute to credible labour market information in Jordan.”

The new service is also connected to thirteen ILO Employment Centers across Jordan, which provide a physical place where job seekers can go to seek employment and training advice, job matching services and career guidance. A network of INGOs and UN agencies will also support registration on the platform through complementary networks of community centres.

The platform was set up by the ILO in consultation with the Ministry of Labour. The ministry will continue to help support the platform through an advisory role.

It is co-funded by the European Union, The US Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

It is part of the ILO’s Programme of Support to the Jordan Compact, being implemented with development and local partners. It includes support for the immediate creation of decent jobs for Syrian refugees and Jordanians to ease current labour market conditions, while tackling long-term labour market weaknesses.

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