May 2015

  1. Syrian refugees, working informally and under harsh conditions, increase pressure on Jordan’s Labour market

    18 May 2015

    The arrival of high numbers of refugees has put further strain on infrastructure, resources and public services like education and health care, and increased competition for already scarce jobs in some sectors.

  2. Yemen Entrepreneurship Success Stories

    12 May 2015

    The ILO Know About Business (KAB) programme was launched with the aim to foster an enterprise culture in Yemen and promote entrepreneurship and self-employment among youth in vocational and general upper-secondary educational systems.

  3. Introducing the ILO WESO Report: "The Changing Nature of Jobs"

    11 May 2015

    Raymond Torres, Head of the ILO Research department, introduces the new annual flagship report “World Employment and Social Outlook 2015: The Changing Nature of Jobs”.

March 2015

  1. Building Hope and Opportunity: The Al Hassan Workers' Center

    14 March 2015

    Tens of thousands of workers are employed in Jordan's fast-growing garment sector. Eighty percent of these workers are migrants. In an effort to improve their living and working conditions, the International Labour Organization initiated the establishment of a workers' center in the largest industrial zone in Jordan.

  2. Women and the World of Work

    09 March 2015

    Twenty years have passed since the 4th World Conference on Women adopted a far-reaching roadmap for achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment. ILO TV shows how far we've come, and how we can move farther and faster to get to where we want to go.

February 2015

  1. Stories from street children in Lebanon

    16 February 2015

    Watch this series of short films featuring the stories of children who live and work on the streets of Lebanon’s cities, as told by the children themselves, using animation skills they learnt during a children’s advocacy training project.

January 2015

  1. Domestic workers' rights: Let's keep the momentum

    26 January 2015

    Very few of the estimated 53 million domestic workers worldwide are covered by labour laws. In 2011, the ILO's Member States adopted the Domestic Workers' Convention (N°189) to protect their rights, promote equality of opportunity and treatment, and improve working and living conditions. So far, 17 countries have ratified this convention. Let's keep the momentum!

  2. The impact of long-term unemployment

    20 January 2015

    Steven Tobin, Team Leader in the ILO's Research Department, looks at the impact of long-term unemployment in advanced economies and the job prospects for young people in developing economies, based on the ILO's flagship report: "World Employment & Social Outlook Trends 2015". (Closed Captions available)

December 2014

  1. © Nadia Bseiso / ILO 2023

    A day in the life of a migrant worker

    18 December 2014

    To mark International Migrants Day on December 18, the ILO Regional Office for Arab States’ Migration and Governance Network (MAGNET) has teamed up with photographers Leila Alaoui and Nadia Bseiso to follow non-Arab migrant workers in the Middle East who spend their limited time off making a difference in their communities. The images, from Lebanon and Jordan, shed light on how these migrant workers cook, compete, worship, organize and learn from each other to better their lives and lobby for their rights.

  2. Resilience-based response to the Syrian crisis

    17 December 2014

    Communicated through engaging info-graphics, this video explores the main pillars of a resilience-building development response to the impact of the Syrian crisis inside Syria and in neighboring countries, adopted by regional United Nations Development Group (UNDG) members, including the International Labour Organization (ILO).

  3. Global wage growth down since the financial crisis with no sign of recovery - alerts the ILO

    05 December 2014

    Wage growth around the world slowed in 2013 to 2.0 per cent and has yet to catch up to the pre-crisis rates of about 3.0 per cent, according to the ILO's Global Wage Report 2014/2015. A modest wage growth was driven by some emerging economies where wages increased by 6.7 per cent in 2012 and 5.9 per cent in 2013. "By contrast, in developed economies wages are stagnated, leading to decreasing living standards and an increase of inequality, closely linked to wage inequality" said Sandra Polaski, the ILO’s Deputy Director-General for Policy.

  4. Global Wage Report in short: Patrick Belser

    05 December 2014

    The ILO Global Wage Report 2014 warns of stalled wages in many countries and points to the labour market as a driver of inequality. Senior ILO Economist, Patrick Belser explains. (Closed captions available)

  5. Cooperating Out Of Isolation: The Case of Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon, Jordan and Kuwait

    04 December 2014

    As in other parts of the world, Arab countries have seen an increase in – mainly female – migrant domestic workers, who have become the primary care providers in the household. This is the result of many contributing factors including the lack of affordable and well-regulated social care provisions and infrastructures, demographic shifts and transformation of families, and changing income and working patterns.

  6. Jordan – A new life alone

    01 December 2014

    Actor Junes Zahdi introduces Khaled who stands to lose the only place he’s ever called home because of his HIV status. People living with HIV often face stigma and discrimination at work and in their everyday lives. Many of those affected are not able to tell their own stories.

November 2014

  1. Living and working conditions of domestic workers in the Arab region

    12 November 2014

    A video info graphics that describes the challenges hindering decent working conditions for domestic workers and strategic interventions to address them.

  2. Playing for Equality

    07 November 2014

    A cricket tournament organised by migrant workers in Lebanon hits out at discrimination to bring communities together. A celebration of sport and culture, the event also sheds light on the rights of migrant workers and some of the challenges they face in the region.

  3. The Contract

    05 November 2014

    An animated movie that invites the audience to think about work conditions of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon.

September 2014

  1. Apprenticeships bring skills to young Jordanians

    24 September 2014

    Jordan is a "young" country, with over 60 per cent of its population under 30. But Jordan's youth face the difficult task finding work, as more than half of them are unemployed. Part of the reason is a mismatch between what they learn at school and the skills needed in the labour market. A new programme by the ILO and the International Youth Foundation is trying to give Jordan's young people the skills they need to compete successfully for the jobs that are available.

  2. © Arne Hoel / World Bank 2023

    Decent Work at heart of UN development goals

    19 September 2014

    At the September UN General Assembly in New York, Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon will present his report on the current MDGs and look ahead to post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). One of the 17 proposed new goals includes full and productive employment and decent work for all, which is at the heart of the ILO’s mandate and is critical to ending poverty. However, ILO priorities are reflected in many of the other 17 new proposed SDGs.

  3. Human Trafficking in the Middle East

    16 September 2014

    What can be said on human trafficking in the Middle East? A new video by the ILO shares recent findings.