May 2017

  1. Lured by a job, trapped in forced labour!

    03 May 2017

    In search of a job to support his family, a man accepts an offer from a recruiter and signs a contract for what looks like a good job with decent wages. Once at destination, the reality is very different.

April 2017

  1. Brighter Future of Work for the Arab Region

    26 April 2017

    The Tripartite Arab Meeting on the Future of Work brought together government, worker and employer representatives, along with youth and private sector leaders, to explore the forces transforming the world of work in Arab States, and to discuss the best policies and actions needed to create a better future of work.

  2. Syria's refugees need our help, and so do the communities hosting them - ILO's Guy Ryder

    13 April 2017

    Over six years into the Syria conflict, Syrian refugees in Lebanon and the local communities hosting them are finding it difficult to cope with the dire economic and labour market challenges brought about by the influx of vast numbers of refugees. ILO Director-General Guy Ryder visited Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley to meet first-hand some of those affected by the crisis.

  3. The National Federation of Employees' and Workers' Unions in Lebanon takes the My Fair Home Pledge

    07 April 2017

    In March 2017, the National Federation of Employees' and Workers' Unions in Lebanon (FENASOL) joined the My Fair Home Campaign, an initiative of the International Domestic Workers Federation and the International Labour Organization. FENASOL affiliates from various Lebanese unions took the pledge to respect domestic workers' rights in their own homes.

March 2017

  1. Why waste water?

    22 March 2017

    A Video Message from Guy Ryder, Director-General of the International Labour Organization and Chair of UN-Water, on the occasion of World Water Day 2017.

  2. Jordan Pay Equity Campaign advocates for closing the pay gap by challenging gender stereotypes

    03 March 2017

    Very often, the same jobs are given two different titles according to the worker’s gender. Such stereotypes may lead to a difference in wages. ILO partner Jordan Pay Equity Campaign conducted a social experiment to help identify people’s understandings of women and men’s roles in jobs of equal value.

February 2017

  1. Yemen crisis: one factory demolished, hundreds of jobs destroyed

    06 February 2017

    Following the publication of the ILO’s Yemen Damage and Needs Assessment: Crisis Impact on Employment and the Labour Market, we take a look at how the destruction of a Yemen ceramics factory – only one of numerous workplaces destroyed since the escalation of the crisis in 2015 – has led to the loss of hundreds of jobs, and increased the vulnerability of those who had relied on it for their livelihood.

  2. The story of Abeer Abu Ghaith: a leading young Palestinian businesswoman

    02 February 2017

    From a refugee camp to the classrooms of Harvard, Abeer is a young woman who has accomplished an ambitious mission against stereotypes and adversities. She has become a leading business woman who uses modern technology to provide jobs to young women and men who live and work in fragile territories like Gaza. Determined and well spoken, Abeer has seized opportunities provided by international organizations and transformed herself into a successful businesswoman. She hopes her story will inspire many young women in the Arab states to follow their dreams.

January 2017

  1. Improving skills and job prospects for Jordanian and Syrian construction workers

    23 January 2017

    The ILO has partnered with the National Employment and Training Company to help Syrian refugees and Jordanians working in the construction sector upgrade their professional expertise and obtain accredited skills certificates. The programme includes four weeks of practical and theoretical work in professions such as floor layering, painting, plastering, plumbing and interior decoration. The footage used in this video is amateur footage captured by the workers themselves.

  2. ILO’s Ruba Jaradat: innovation, policy reform and labour rights key to boosting growth and job creation in MENA region

    11 January 2017

    ILO Regional Director for Arab States Ruba Jaradat participated in high-level panel organized by the International Finance Corporation, and held on the sidelines of the World Bank/ IMF Annual Meeting in October 2016, under the title “Growth and job creation: skills and entrepreneurship for youth in the MENA region.” In the following video excerpts from the panel discussion, Jaradat speaks on world-of-work issues such as job creation, policy reforms, labour market fragility, women’s economic participation, and empowering the private sector in the Arab region.

December 2016

  1. ILO’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis

    01 December 2016

    Presentation on the ILO's Syrian Refugee Crisis Response: RBSA Success Story from Jordan

November 2016

  1. Building skills and formalizing employment for Syrian refugees in Jordan

    29 November 2016

    The ILO is implementing a new project in Jordan aimed at helping Syrian construction workers obtain permits, occupational certificates and social security enrolment. The UK-funded project is part of wider efforts to help formalize the work of Syrian refugees in specific sectors in Jordan. Some of the workers explain what it means to them to be formally employed in the country.

  2. ILO Director-General re-elected, “ready and determined” to lead

    07 November 2016

    When governments, employers and workers come together we have every chance to construct a world of work that we want, said the ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder. The Governing Body of the International Labour Organization (ILO) has re-elected Mr. Ryder as Director-General for a second five year-term to start in October 2017.

October 2016

  1. Future of Work in Jordan

    27 October 2016

    A two-day Future of Work national dialogue concluded in Amman with Jordanian ILO constituents agreeing to create a committee to undertake research and continue discussions around the changes taking place in the world of work. The purpose of the national dialogue was to exchange ideas between constituents on how best to address some of the main challenges and opportunities posed by the changing world of work in Jordan, towards achieving the ultimate goal of social justice.

  2. Exhibition “Building a future of decent work for refugees and migrant workers”

    27 October 2016

    The ILO is hosting a new exhibition highlighting the challenges and opportunities that migrant workers and refugees face and the positive impact that the ILO’s decent work approach can have on their lives.

September 2016

  1. The Future of Work Centenary Initiative

    06 September 2016

    The world of work is undergoing a major process of change. In order to understand and to respond effectively to these new challenges the International Labour Organization has launched a "Future of Work initiative" in order to be able to advance its mandate for social justice. The unit in charge of the Future of Work initiative seeks to involve the ILO's tripartite constituency fully and universally, but also to reach beyond them to the academic world and to all other relevant and interested actors. (Closed Captions available) Learn more at:

  2. Fair Migration in the Arab States

    05 September 2016

    The Regional Fair Migration Project in the Middle East (FAIRWAY project) supports implementation of the ILO Fair Migration Agenda in the region (endorsed by the Abu Dhabi Dialogue in November 2014), and other ILO projects in addressing the decent work deficits of migrant workers. In particular, the project promotes fair migration (including fair recruitment) and contributes to combating forced labour and trafficking for labour exploitation.

July 2016

  1. Tricked and trafficked: A harrowing real-life story

    30 July 2016

    Listen to Gulnara’s story of being trafficked into forced prostitution – as told by actress Robin Wright, for the 50 For Freedom campaign to end modern slavery.

  2. © Tabitha Ross / ILO 2023

    Child labourers in Lebanon: The power of play

    11 July 2016

    The incidence of child labour in agriculture is on the rise in Lebanon, especially in the Beqaa Valley region which is host to a large number of Syrian refugees. The ILO held a funfair in the area to raise awareness amongst refugees and locals of the risks and hazards of child labour in agriculture. It included plays written and performed by child labourers and their parents, highlighting aspects of their plight and helping them relieve some of the distress they feel due to their situation. The ILO organized the event with funding from the Denmark-led Regional Protection and Development Programme, and in cooperation with Lebanon’s Ministry of Labour and the NGO Beyond Association.

  3. © Tabitha Ross 2023

    Hazardous work in agriculture: no place for a child

    11 July 2016

    Host to hundreds of thousands of refugees who have fled the war in neighbouring Syria, Lebanon has witnessed a rise in child labour in recent years, largely in the hazardous agricultural sector.