ILO set to implement emergency employment scheme in earthquake-damaged neighbourhoods in Aleppo, Syria

A team of ILO engineers conducted an assessment in the Syrian city of Aleppo, parts of which were severely damaged by the earthquake that struck Türkiye and Syria, to identify priorities under an emergency employment scheme to help restore livelihoods and rehabilitate destroyed infrastructure.

Date issued: 03 March 2023 | Size/duration: 00:02:53

The ILO is set to implement an emergency employment scheme in Aleppo, to help restore the livelihoods of people in affected communities.

Through its employment-intensive approach, the ILO offers ways to restore the livelihoods of people in affected communities through short-term and mid to long-term objectives. In the short-term, wage payment schemes serve as an immediate income security measure to vulnerable people affected by a crisis. In the middle and long term, they contribute to rehabilitating infrastructure and building individual and community skills and capacity.

The approach builds on ILO’s experience in implementing similar interventions in other Arab States. In the aftermath of the 2020 Beirut blast, the ILO mobilized its Employment Intensive Infrastructure Programme to help clear the wreckage, and in the process created decent jobs for citizens and refugees. Similar approaches have also been implemented in Jordan and Iraq, to help create jobs, improve the local environment and infrastructure, and build the capacity of local institutions and partners to promote Decent Work principles.