Entrepreneurship Success Stories

Yemen Entrepreneurship Success Stories

The ILO Know About Business (KAB) programme was launched with the aim to foster an enterprise culture in Yemen and promote entrepreneurship and self-employment among youth in vocational and general upper-secondary educational systems.

Date issued: 12 May 2015 |
Teachers from the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training, community colleges and private training institutions were trained and certified on the delivery of KAB. Despite the prevailing security situation in Yemen and many challenges faced, the ILO and their national counterpart SMEPS (Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Service) have been able to make an impact with beneficiaries. SMEPS independently created these testimonial videos with KAB students documenting the programme’s success.

Women’s Accessories

Shatha designs and sells women’s accessories. After completing the ILO-KAB course at the University of Science and Technology in Aden, she was better able to price her products and market them online which has improved her profits.

Food Services

After enrolling in the ILO’s KAB programme, Ahmed was able to complete a feasibility study and open a small street restaurant in Aden. Ahmed hopes to save up enough money from his business to start a film production company and pursue his acting passion.

Computer Training Center for Children

After her disappointment with a routine governmental job, Thekryat completed the ILO-KAB course and has seen her self-confidence grow and social skills improve. She has acquired the necessary basic business knowledge she will need to establish her own business - a computer training center for children - in the near future.

Internet Café

After working in an internet café and building his technical skills, Emad completed the KAB course and decided he was ready to open his own business. He therefore started an internet café which now employs four Yemenis. 

Tutoring Institute

After completing the ILO-KAB course, Rakia used her teaching experience and newly developed skills to start a tutoring programme for children. Over the course of three years, the institute has grown to include 500 students and new courses like sewing.