Collective Bargaining

Facts about the Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Ready Made Garment Sector in Jordan

The collective bargaining agreement, which will affect more than 55,000 workers, is one of the most comprehensive of its kind in Jordan and in the apparel sector globally.

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Overview of Jordan's Ready Made Garment Sector

Jordan has experienced rapid growth in the apparel industry in recent years, which accounts for nearly 17 percent of the country’s total exports. Apparel exports, mostly to the United States, reached a record high of USD 1.2 billion in 2012. Read More

A Collective Bargaining Agreement for Jordan's Ready Made Garment Sector

The agreement, which will affect 55,000 workers, 40,000 of whom work in the export sector, is one of the most comprehensive collective bargaining agreements to be found in Jordan and in the apparel sector globally. It is a significant step for the garment sector in Jordan, and will play a major role in strengthening worker representation, social dialogue and industrial relations. Read More

Benefits of the Collective Bargaining Agreement

The agreement aims to improve the working and living conditions of tends of thousands of workers and their families, and to reduce the incidence of industrial action by establishing mechanisms to resolve labour disputes. Read More

The Collective Bargaining Agreement: A Brief History

2008 – In efforts to promote labour management relations and improve social dialogue in the sector, Better Work Jordan helped to establish Performance Improvement Consultative Committees (PICCs) in factories participating in the programme. These committees, which have now spread to two-thirds of the 60 factories currently participating in the programme, consist of both management and union representatives and are responsible for developing and implementing the improvement activities of factories. Read More

The Role of Better Work Jordan

Better Work Jordan – a joint initiative between the ILO and the International Finance Corporation – introduced the idea of a collective bargaining agreement to the employers and the garment union in early 2012. Read More