September 2011

  1. Occupational Classification Information System Workshop

    28 - 29 September 2011

    Two-day workshop to introduce the International Standard Classification of Occupation 2008 (ISCO08) produced by ILO and survey current systems of occupational classification.

August 2011

  1. Expert Meeting: Review and Finalization of the ILO/KAB 2012 edition

    3 - 5 August 2011

    This 3-day experts’ meeting will be chaired by the ILO RO-Beirut Enterprise Development Specialist. The meeting will be attended by KAB Regional and National Key Facilitators and KAB coordinators from the Arab Region.

July 2011

  1. Training Workshop: Introducing Green Concepts in ILO KAB and SIYB Packages

    31 July - 2 August 2011

    This 3-day training workshop will be delivered by Mr. Marek Harsdorff (Green Jobs Programme, ILO), who will present the green concepts that have been integrated in the SIYB package and the new KAB module “Know About Green Business”.

  2. Green Jobs Kick-Off Workshop in the Arab States: Lebanon Case Study

    28 - 29 July 2011

    A four-part regional workshop that aims to introduce and raise awareness of green jobs with a focus on the ILO's Green Jobs Programme. The workshop builds on experience from other regions and focuses on youth employment.

June 2011

  1. Launch of National Employment Office Study on the Hospitality Sector in Lebanon

    23 June 2011

    Launch of the report "Employment Needs Assessment for the Hospitality Sector: Hotels and Restaurants in Lebanon", a study conducted by the National Employment Office that surveys more than 600 enterprises, hotels and restaurants that employ over 13,000 workers across Lebanon.

  2. Integrating world of work into National HIV and AIDS response

    19 - 20 June 2011

    This meeting will aims at contributing toward the achievement of UNAIDS strategy: “Getting to Zero” through the world of work. Protection of human rights at work by implementation of Recommendation no.200 is expected to contribute towards the goal of zero AIDS related discrimination. Up scaling HIV prevention programmes in the world of work would contribute towards the goal of zero HIV infections.

  3. ILC High Level Panel Arab Youth: Aspiring for Social Justice

    9 June 2011

    The panel Arab Youth: Aspiring for Social Justice reviewed recent developments in the region through the perspective of young people who made these changes happen by tackling the challenges of exclusion, poverty and inequality.

  4. Social Security as a Human Right: What Options for Palestinian Refugees Living in Lebanon?

    1 June 2011

    A seminar organised by the ILO in partnership with the Committee for Employment of Palestinian Refugees, as part of the project “Improving Access to Employment and Social Protection for Palestinian Refugees Living in Lebanon". The event will be held at the Hotel Holiday Inn Dunes Hotel, Verdun.

May 2011

  1. End of Project Sustainability Workshop

    28 May 2011

    An ILO workshop to conclude the “Skills Development, Employment Services and Local Economic Recovery for the Construction Sector” project – implemented in South Lebanon from 2008-2011. The event features the presentation of eight new vocational training curricula and will be held at the Hotel Holiday Inn Dunes Hotel, Verdun.

January 2011

  1. Making Microfinance Work: Managing for Improved Performance

    17 - 28 January 2011

    This training is aimed at improving the technical knowledge and management skills of managers of microfinance institutions so that they may reach more clients and improve their performance