February 2020

  1. FAIRWAY collaboration with the International Domestic Workers’ Federation leads to strengthened domestic workers’ association in Kuwait

    26 February 2020

    Since 2017, the FAIRWAY Programme has been supporting the International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF) to empower domestic workers in Kuwait through organizing, and has led to the establishment of the Sandigan Kuwait Domestic Workers Association (SKDWA) in the Philippines community, as well as outreach to African communities.

December 2019

  1. Launch of the Equal Pay International Coalition in the Arab States

    16 - 17 December 2019

    The Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC) is a regional symposium to address the gender pay gap in the Arab States.

  2. Asia-Arab States and Africa Inter-regional meeting on safe and fair migration for women migrant workers

    3 - 4 December 2019

    From 3 to 4 December 2019, in Bangkok, the ILO and UN Women hosted the inter-regional meeting, titled ‘Labour mobility between Asia and the Arab States: Sharing of experiences and progress under the Bali Declaration with specific focus on women migrant workers’.

November 2019

  1. ILO’s Better Work Jordan conducts Occupational Safety and Health workshop for factories exporting to the EU

    17 - 19 November 2019

    Better Work Jordan (BWJ)’s health and safety training contributes to improved working conditions in non-garment factories benefitting from EU's simplified Rules of Origin (RoO) agreement with Jordan.

  2. Introducing Employment Intensive Investment Approaches in Iraq

    10 - 13 November 2019

    ILO holds workshops on EIIP in Erbil as part of efforts to support immediate employment creation, skills development and labour market formalisation.

September 2019

  1. Invitation to Bid: Tender ITB No 64/2019 Construction of 6.7 km of agricultural roads including drainage structures and 325m of reinforced concrete retaining walls in Marjeyoun Municipality.

    23 September - 9 October 2019

    Tender ILO/EIIP ITB No 64/2019 Construction of Agricultural Roads and Retaining Walls in Marjeyoun Municipality and invitation to pre-qualification training.

August 2019

  1. ILO trains Jordanian journalists and government officials on fair labor migration reporting

    27 - 29 August 2019

    The training session covered key labour migration topics including human trafficking and right-based approaches.

  2. ILO to conduct workshop in Syria on child labour standard operating procedures

    24 - 28 August 2019

    The aim of the workshop is to reduce the worst forms of child labour the development of standard operating procedures (SOPs).

  3. The ILO and Lebanon’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education launch entrepreneurship education training for vocational and technical schools in Lebanon

    19 August - 14 September 2019

    The ILO Know About Business entrepreneurship education programme training will target 50 teachers of vocational and technical schools in Lebanon

  4. Invitation to Bid: Tender ITB No 63/2019 Construction of Vegetable Market in Al Qaa, Bekaa

    19 August - 3 September 2019

    Invitation to Bid: Tender ILO/EIIP ITB No 63/2019 Construction of Vegetable Market in Al Qaa, Bekaa and invitation to pre-qualification training.