Virtual launch of the ILO Arabic-language toolkit for journalists

Join the ILO and a panel of distinguished employers’ representatives, workers’ representatives and journalists on 24 February 2021, to celebrate social justice, discuss ethical reporting on labour migration and discover the new Arabic-language ILO Media Toolkit on Forced Labour and Fair Recruitment.

Journalists have a voice that many workers do not. They can shine a light on abusive practices and the denial of fundamental human and labour rights. They can alert their readers or viewers to the abuses. They may help to change public opinion, and even policies, so that life becomes better for workers.

The ILO and its partners have been engaging with the media to support the production of quality reporting on forced labour and fair recruitment issues, creating or strengthening networks of specialized journalists, as well as building partnerships with those institutions who have the capacity and mandate to take forward media training and outreach.

These media engagement activities are aimed at:
  • Combatting the toxicity of the debate on migration, forced labour and recruitment in both origin and destination countries as well as at the global level;
  • Fostering the prevention of deception through the promotion of transparent, documented and ethical journalism on forced labour and fair recruitment issues

The ILO has developed the Media Toolkit on Forced Labour and Fair Recruitment toolkit in a collaborative effort with contributions from professional journalists, communication professionals and topic experts. It has been pilot tested through media training workshops in a number of countries in all regions of the world. The toolkit is now available in Arabic, English, French  and Spanish. It has been adapted to the national context in Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Viet Nam.

Take part

Follow the ILO social media campaign on Twitter to see video messages from journalists from all regions of the world as well as celebrities and other supporters of quality media reporting on these topics. Support the campaign with the hashtags #Media4HumanRights #MigrationNarratives, #ForcedLabour and #FairRecruitment

The meeting will be conducted in Arabic and will be recorded.


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