Promoting Social Cohesion in Fragile Contexts through TVET – a training workshop in Jordan

The ILO held a four-day training of trainers workshop for technical vocational education and training (TVET) experts, aimed at building their capacity to promote social cohesion in future training programmes.

The ILO held a four-day training of trainers workshop for technical vocational education and training (TVET) trainers and experts, to develop their capacity and knowledge in including social cohesion elements into their training curricula for skills development.

The workshop focused on the ILO’s global Promoting Social Cohesion in Fragile Contexts through TVET, a training guide on how to incorporate social cohesion activities in training programmes.

This included sessions on developing a shared understanding of social cohesion in fragile states and the skills that can help promote it; as well as the role of trainers in promoting social cohesion. Sessions also explored how TVET programmes can be adapted to contribute to social cohesion, peace and resilience; analysing issues in Jordan’s local context that affect the design and provision of TVET training; and assessing the challenges faced by different vulnerable groups in the country.

Based on inputs provided in these sessions, in addition to those held in other countries, the guide will be further developed to ensure the needs of country-specific contexts are reflected.

The ILO in Jordan will then build activities to incorporate social cohesion more prominently in skills development interventions, which support refugees, host community members and other vulnerable groups.

The training is part of efforts under the “Partnership for improving prospects for forcibly displaced persons and host communities” (PROSPECTS) - a strategic partnership between the Netherlands, ILO, UNHCR, UNICEF, World Bank and IFC that supports host communities and displaced populations in eight countries across East and North Africa and the Arab States.

In Jordan, PROSPECTS aims to provide better conditions for refugees and host communities to access education and vocational training; secure and retain decent employment; and benefit from a strengthened protection framework.

One of the ILO’s components under the partnership in Jordan is to improve access to skills training for Jordanians, Syrian refugees and other vulnerable groups. Some interventions include supporting the establishment of a Sector Skills Council to develop skills certification programmes that cater to youth, based on national standards; and helping young job-seekers and workers to benefit from certified skills trainings in different occupations.