Working towards an effective Labour Policy for the Tourism Industry in Oman

The ILO and the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry hold a meeting for national stakeholders to discuss ways to meet workforce and policy needs for a robust tourism sector in the Gulf state.

The Chairman of the Tourism Committee of the Oman Chamber of Commerce (OCCI) will preside over a meeting on 16 May in Muscat, where the ILO and national stakeholders will discuss ways to meet the growing workforce and policy needs of the Omani tourism industry.

Senior representatives from OCCI, the ILO’s Bureau of Employer’s Activities (ACT/EMP), the Supreme Council of Planning, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Education, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman Tourism College, General Federation of Oman Trade Unions as well as representatives of nine hotel chains will discuss ways forward in light of the newly developed Omani Tourism 2040 Vision.

In particular, they will discuss the outcomes of a survey on the workforce needs of the Omani hotel sector, commissioned by ILO ACT/EMP on behalf of OCCI at the end of 2015. A report was published in March 2016 detailing the outcomes of the survey .

The meeting will also be supported by a technical report produced by the ILO in December 2016 and titled “Effective Labour Policy for the Tourism sector in Oman.” The report introduces policy recommendations to support the on-going national discussions on Oman’s tourism strategy and feed into the current discussions for a renewed Decent Work Country Programme for Oman.

This meeting will be the second such meeting organized by OCCI for national stakeholders from Oman’s tourism industry.