ILO trains Jordan government officials on ways to combat child labour, especially its worst forms

Representatives from various governmental ministries and departments are trained on how to better respond to rising child labour among Syrian refugees and host communities.

The ILO is training representatives from the Ministry of Social Development (MOSD), the National Aid Fund and members of the juvenile police on how to tackle rising child labour among Syrian refugees and host communities in Jordan.

The training focuses on the National Framework to Combat Child Labour, which aims to tackle the issue throughout the Kingdom through systematic monitoring of child labour and collective action by key stakeholders, mainly the ministries of Labour, Education and Social Development. It also focuses on Juvenile Law No. 32 of 2014.

The training comes following amendments to the Juvenile Law, which gave the MOSD full responsibility for safeguarding working children and their families. It also comes in response to the new role assigned to the juvenile police into safeguarding the status of beggars and working children in coordination with the MOSD.

The work falls under a Danish-funded ILO project aimed at tackling child labour, especially its worst forms, among Syrian refugees and host communities in Jordan and Lebanon. In order to achieve this objective, this eighteen-month project focuses on capacity-building and policy dialogue with government ministries and departments, in line with the ILO's past and on-going interventions on child labour in the two countries.