Mobilizing children and youth to lobby against child labour

The ILO is working with the Greater Amman Municipality and universities on training children and youth to campaign against child labour among Syrian refugees and host communities in Jordan.

Since January 2016, a group of children aged between 14 and 16 have been involved in an awareness raising capacity building training to lobby against child labour in Jordan.

The training falls under an ILO-developed initiative entitled “Children Podium,” which is working on advocacy and policy dialogue to address policy makers, parliamentarians and community leaders through the children themselves.

The children selected are part of the Children’s Municipal Council, which is made up of 90 pupils from 22 Directorates in Amman where school drop-out and child labour is prominent. They were previously involved in conducting a rapid assessment aimed at identifying child labour in Amman as well as finding solutions to tackle the problem.

The on-going training will enhance the capacities of members of the Children Podium in four areas; child rights, child labour, debate, and using arts to develop effective messages.

A one-day meeting with Jordanian parliamentarians and community leaders will take place to allow the children to speak on behalf of working children about the challenges of child labour and the needs to provide education, psycho-social and financial alternatives for the children and their families.

In addition to involving school children, students from the universities of Al Balqa and Mutah, are being trained on how to advocate for the rights of working children.

On March 29, university students from Al Balqa will hold an child labour awareness-raising event for children including working children, parents, university students, as well as members of the National Steering Committee on Child Labour, which includes representatives from the Ministries of Labour, Education and Social Development, as well as the National Council on Family Affairs, international and civil society organizations.

The event will highlight the negative effects of child labour as well as request for amendments to labour legislation in relation to child labour. The event will also include artistic performances as well as a number of activities for children.

The awareness raising activity is part of the preparatory events leading up to World Day Against Child Labour, which is commemorated annually in June.

The work falls under a Danish-funded ILO project aimed at providing practical and sustainable solutions to combat child labour among Syrian refugees and host communities in Lebanon and Jordan.