ILO Jordan marks World Water Day

As part of World Water Day, ILO highlights importance of water catchments and drip irrigation systems in creating decent work opportunities in Jordan.

To mark World Water Day 2016, the ILO will bring together its agricultural sector partners to discuss how newly developed water catchment and drip irrigation systems can help farmers increase the quality and quantity of their produce in water-scarce areas.

The meeting will take place in the northern governorate of Mafraq, which is suffering from increased unemployment and poverty due in part to under investment in the area’s important farming sector.

As part of its response to ease some of the labour market pressures caused by the influx of Syrian refugees, the ILO is developing several initiatives to assist local communities by facilitating access to employment and livelihood opportunities.

One of these initiatives includes stimulating immediate job creation through an employment-intensive investment programme (EIIP), which also aims to improve local infrastructure.

The ILO is focusing on building water catchment cisterns for the poorest farmers. It is also supporting local communities in the use of greenhouses and drip irrigation, to maximise agricultural production.

The title of this year’s World Water Day is "Better Water, Better Jobs.” To mark the event, the United Nations will launch its World Water Development Report 2016, which offers a comprehensive overview of major and emerging trends from around the world.

Agenda of the meeting
10:00-10:30 Opening
10:30-11:00 Launching of the World Water Development Report on Water and Jobs
11:00-12:00 Two presentation on ILO initiatives on Water and jobs:
1. Water Catchments
2. Drip irrigation and greenhouses
13:00 Field visit to water catchments