Child labour

Labour inspectors train to address rising Syrian refugee child labour in Jordan

Newly recruited labour inspectors in Jordan receive ILO training on child labour to combat its rising incidence among Syrian refugees

As the incidence of Syrian Refugee child labour in Jordan rises, the ILO will hold a series of training workshops for new inspectors at the Ministry of Labour. A total of sixty labour inspectors will be trained over a period of one month in order to sensitize them to Jordan’s National Framework to Combat Child Labour, which Jordan implements with the support of the ILO project Moving Towards a Child Labour Free Jordan.

Accordingly, training sessions will cover relevant legal provisions, national policies and ILO Conventions on child labour as well as how to deal with violations of the labour code and assess the status of child labourers in the country. The exercise is expected to conclude with recommendations on future action required to upgrade the skills and capabilities of the new inspectors in child labour monitoring.

The training sessions are part of the ILO’s Syrian Refugee Crisis Response in Jordan.