Workshop Proceedings: Dignity, Rights and Domestic Work in the Arab States

A technical workshop, to provide a platform for sharing progressive experiences from selected countries and discuss possible adaptation and replication of successful ideas in the Arab States, was hosted by the PROWD and MAGNET projects in Istanbul, Turkey from 12 to 13 October 2014.

Meeting document | 01 December 2014
The objectives of the technical workshop on challenges and good practices:
1) To generate critical thinking on strategies and methodologies for possible replication to improve the rights of domestic workers in both sending and receiving countries.
2) To foster dialogue on experiences, challenges and lessons learned related to migration governance systems and policy reform vis a vis domestic workers and their specific needs.
3) To present innovative research, awareness raising tools and good practices that promote the dignity of domestic workers among different cultures.
4) To cross-fertilize knowledge on collective organizing of domestic workers.