Dignity, Rights and Domestic Work in Arab states: Technical workshop on challenges and good practices

The ILO’s flagship projects on labour migration and decent work for domestic workers hold a technical workshop to showcase the challenges, opportunities and outcomes stemming from its innovative activities in the region.

In line with the ILO’s Global Strategy on Decent Work for Domestic Workers, the Promoting the Rights of Women Migrant Domestic Workers & MAGNET: Improving Labour Migration Governance and Combatting Human Trafficking projects have piloted and developed a diversified range of activities and resources aimed at securing favourable working conditions for domestic workers while advocating for regulated and monitored environments that protect the rights of all labour migrants. Challenges and opportunities have come to light in the process of ILO interventions at policy, institutional and grassroots levels building towards concrete measures for change.

In the spirit of learning from regional experiences, this technical workshop will bring to the forefront the knowledge, good practices and positive trends within the region, while providing a platform for sharing progressive experiences from selected countries with a view to discussing possible adaptation and replication of successful ideas. Participants will include expert practitioners, policy makers, researchers, representatives of workers’ and employers’ organizations, recruitment agencies, media and civil society from the Middle East, as well as experts from Asia and Europe who will showcase good practices in dealing with labour migration.