Labour migration

Training Workshop for Al Jazeera Network on Reporting on Labour Migration and Human Trafficking

ILO and the NGO Panos Europe Institute hold a training workshop on labour migration and human trafficking for the Al Jazeera network, familiarizing seasoned journalists and editors with with ILO standards and approach, in order to foster quality reporting on the issue worldwide.

Senior editorial staff, executive producers and program directors of the Al Jazeera Network will gather at the ILO headquarters in Geneva on the 15th of September, for a 3 day workshop to discuss labour migration and human trafficking, and current reporting trends on these issues. Organised by PANOS Europe Institute and the ILO, the workshop will bring together participants from Al Jazeera offices in Doha, Washington D.C., Sarajevo, Cairo and Istanbul. This will be the first of a series of training sessions that will see PANOS, the ILO and Al Jazeera develop a deeper and clearer understanding of how labour migration and human trafficking are being covered in the world, and how coverage can be improved.

This work falls within the context of the ILO Regional Project “Improving Labour Migration Governance and Combatting Human Trafficking in the Middle East” (MAGNET) in which working with the media to improve depth and coverage of these issues constitutes a main aspect. An inter-regional consultation has already been held with media executives in the Middle East and South Asia, and a national training workshop for Jordanian journalists has already been completed.