Collective Bargaining

Jordan reviews the state of collective bargaining at national and sector-specific levels

Government officials as well as workers’ and employers’ organizations discuss progress and challenges facing freedom of association and collective bargaining in Jordan.

Senior government officials, the ILO and representatives from workers’ and employers’ organizations will hold a two-day meeting to discuss methods to promote collective bargaining and sound industrial relations in Jordan.

Delegates will review ongoing efforts to promote freedom of association and collective bargaining (FACB) across selected sectors in order to examine sector-specific methods to bolster representation and streamline the negotiation process. Special emphasis will also be placed on the chemical and construction sectors as well as progress realized in Jordan’s garment sector.

Seminar objectives:
  • Facilitate dialogue to build a shared understanding on key concepts and principles related to FACB rights;
  • identify legal and practical priorities to improve the effective exercise of FACB rights in Jordan;
  • facilitate tripartite discussions on ILO and FACB rights recommendations at sector-specific and national levels;
  • promote dialogue in targeted sectors on methods to promote FACB;
  • adopt of a comprehensive tripartite roadmap drafted by the tripartite constituents to promote FACB at sector-specific and national levels.