Migrant Workers

ILO migrant workers project in Jordan assesses future interventions upon completion

The ILO’s dedicated migrant worker project in Jordan meets with key stakeholders in the country to formulate future interventions during a project wrap-up and closing ceremony.

To mark the closing of the ILO’s dedicated migrant workers project in Jordan, government officials, workers and employers’ representatives, human rights groups and foreign diplomats will review project implementation to build on the project’s achievements. Participants will discuss possible ILO interventions to enhance migrant worker protection mechanisms and migrant worker rights, specifically with regard to domestic workers and those in the construction, garment and apparel sectors.

Launched in 2011, the project "Protecting Migrant Workers’ Rights in Jordan", has worked with its national partners to ensure greater protection and service provision for migrant workers, improve labour-management cooperation and collective bargaining in the garment and construction sectors, assist trade unions to empower migrant workers, and support the Ministry of Labour to fulfill its role in protecting migrant workers’ rights.