Labour migration

Arab labour migration research network launched

The ILO’s new Migration and Governance Network studies and documents migration trends in the Arab States to assist labour migration reform.

A research portal that documents and reviews labour migration trends and policies in the Arab States has been launched during a consultation workshop with various key stakeholders in Kuwait. The Migration and Governance Network (MAGNET) will collect data on key labour migration indicators from the countries of the region and conduct analysis to feed into policy formulation. MAGNET is a demand driven initiative that steers activities based on the emerging needs of the scientific community, policy makers, and institutions. The consultation workshop aims to discuss a research agenda for database design as well as strategies to influence policy makers and public opinion.

The consultation workshop is part two ILO projects entitled “Improving Labour Migration Governance and Combatting Human Trafficking in the Middle East” and “Decent Work for Domestic Workers: Advocating Institutional Reform in the Middle East”. The projects aim to provide technical support to ILO constituents in member states in order to assist them in the protection of migrant workers in low- and semi-skilled occupations as well as improve labour migration governance in the Arab States.