Jordanian officials receive training to combat human trafficking and forced labour

The two-day training workshop looks at ways labour inspectors and police officers can effectively combat forced labour and human trafficking in Jordan.

Labour inspectors and police officers in Jordan will take part in a two-day training workshop aimed at increasing their capacity to combat human trafficking and forced labour in Jordan. Entitled ‘’Based on a True Story,’’ the training programme will lay out actual cases of human trafficking and forced labour that have been identified by an inter-agency task force of labour inspectors and police officers. Through the examination of these cases, participants from the Jordanian labour ministry’s Labour Inspection Directorate and police officers from the Counter-Trafficking Unit at the Criminal Investigation Department will exchange experiences and discuss challenges when attempting to identify and investigate possible cases of human trafficking. Officials will also offer recommendations to improve existing mechanisms and operational procedures, as well as enhance the ability of the judiciary to prosecute traffickers.

‘‘Based on a True story’’ will be conducted by the ILO in collaboration with the human rights group Tamkeen as part of an ongoing effort to train Jordanian law enforcement agencies to counter human trafficking. The workshop is part of the ILO project entitled “Protecting Migrant Workers’ Rights in Jordan,” and follows a similar ILO training session in June 2013 for members of the judiciary in Jordan.