Media Workshop

Senior media executives meet to enhance coverage of labour migration

The ILO and Panos Paris bring together media professionals from countries of migrant labour origion to expand media coverage and information sharing on labour migration.

Senior media executives from the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, as well as experts from international organizations, academia, and civil society will gather for a workshop in Jordan to discuss the scope and quality of reporting on labour migration in the Middle East. Accordingly, participants will assess the feasibility of promoting peer learning and the exchange of information between media professionals on issues related to labour migration.

This inter-regional consultation workshop organized by the ILO in collaboration with the Panos Paris Institute is part of the ILO Regional Project entitled “Improving Labour Migration Governance and Combatting Human Trafficking in the Middle East”. The project aims to provide technical support to ILO constituents in order to enhance the protection of low- and semi-skilled migrant workers and improve the governance of labour migration in the Arab States.