Forced labour

Judicial Training to Combat Forced Labour

The ILO hosts a two-day training programme for judiciary actors in Jordan on ways to effectively combat forced labour and human trafficking.


The International Labour Organization is hosting a two-day training programme for judiciary actors in Jordan on ways to effectively combat and respond to forced labour and human trafficking, by focusing on specific cases presented in court and examining some of the challenges faced throughout prosecution.

Titled ‘’Based on a True Story,’’ the training programme lays out several actual cases that have been deliberated in courts, to working groups each comprising of a judge, two prosecutors and a lawyer to discuss the cases in further detail.

The gender-sensitive target group comprises of judges from the newly formed judicial committee assigned to review cases of human trafficking, prosecutors from a number of governorates as well as lawyers representing national NGOs. The programme will also include human rights and international law experts, representatives from the ministry of justice and the judicial council.

The programme, in cooperation with Da’em Observatory, aims to create a platform for exchange of expertise among relevant parties to clearly state the complications and challenges faced throughout the prosecution processes and mechanisms, and the journey to prove cases of human trafficking in the legal and judicial environments in Jordan. It will also shed light on administrative and legal issues lawyers face as they prosecute in courts and provide recommendations on how to improve existing mechanisms and operational procedures to increase the ability to prosecute traffickers.

It will also assist in building the capacity of junior prosecutors and provide them with the right skills prior to their engagement with human trafficking cases in courts.