Seminar on Apprenticeship Systems in the Arab States

ILO hosts regional seminar on apprenticeship reform in the Arab States


Structured apprenticeship programmes are key policy tools that help facilitate school-to-work transitions. These programmes also give the apprentice a chance to demonstrate his or her productivity potential to companies who may be otherwise reluctant to hire fresh graduates.

From 26-30 May 2013, the ILO will host a regional seminar to share experiences and work towards practical steps for the improvement of existing apprenticeship systems in the Arab States region.

This training session will examine apprenticeship systems developed in Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, occupied Palestinian territories, Jordan, UAE and Lebanon. Participants include members of national technical vocational education and training boards, companies with experience of apprenticeship schemes, workers’ representatives, and NGOs involved in apprenticeship programmes.

The seminar works towards an action plan for the improvement of national apprenticeship systems and the production of a series of country profiles on apprenticeships.

Programme schedule

Day 1: Understanding apprenticeship
Day 2: A fair package – apprentices, companies and family businesses
Day 3: Designing Quality Apprenticeships for Decent Work
Day 4: Governance
Day 5: Inclusive apprenticeships

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