Qatar adopts a non-discriminatory minimum wage

News | 20 August 2020
Qatar’s non-discriminatory minimum wage benefits workers in all sectors
DOHA (ILO News) - Qatar has become the first country in the region to adopt a non-discriminatory minimum wage into law. It applies to all workers, of all nationalities, in all sectors, including those employed in households.

Law No. 17, adopted on 30 August 2020, establishes a minimum wage of 1,000 Qatari riyals (QAR) that will enter into force after six months. In addition to the minimum basic wage, employers must ensure that workers have decent accommodation and food. The legislation stipulates that employers pay allowances of at least QAR 300 and QAR 500 to cover costs of food and housing respectively, if they do not provide workers with these directly.

The legislation also establishes a Minimum Wage Commission that will review the impact and application of the minimum wage, and propose adjustments, in consultation with different government bodies, experts, workers and employers.

The introduction of a non-discriminatory minimum wage will directly affect at least 400,000 workers in the private sector, and, through higher remittances, will improve the lives of millions of family members in the workers’ countries of origin. To ensure compliance with the minimum wage, the government is enhancing detection of violations, enacting swifter penalties and further strengthening the capacity of labour inspectors.

The minimum wage legislation was adopted following a comprehensive analysis carried out by the Government of the State of Qatar and the ILO, in consultation with national and international experts and a wide cross-section of workers and employers from different sectors of the economy.