Employers' Organizations

As one of the three constituent groups of the ILO, employers' organizations ensure that the interests of employers are taken into account in the ILO’s policies and programmes.

The Bureau for Employers' Activities (ACT/EMP) is a specialized unit within the ILO tasked with maintaining close and direct relations with employers' organizations in member States, as well as making available ILO resources.

ACT/EMP assists employers´ organizations in building strong, independent and representative organizations that respond to their members´ needs and challenges though its Technical Cooperation Programme, which provides assistance to employers' organizations in developing and transition countries.

This assistance includes advisory services, exchanges of experience between organizations, training, twinning arrangements, study visits, as well as technical support for employers’ organizations to better develop tools, products and resources.

Employers’ organizations are crucial to shaping an environment that supports competitive and productive enterprises in the Arab states.

The project “Developing the Capacity of Employer’s Organizations in the Arab Region to Contribute to Job Rich Growth through Effective Policy and Social Dialogue” is currently working with employer representatives in Bahrain, Jordan, the occupied Palestinian territory, Oman and Yemen.

In Jordan, the ILO has supported the establishment of a Small and Enterprise Unit at the Jordan Chamber of Industry and provided training through the Enabling Environment for Sustainable Enterprises (EESE) toolkit.

In Oman, ACT/EMP helped to build capacity for and reorganize the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) and produced an EESE Assessment for Oman.

In the occupied Palestinian territory, the ILO has supported a policy framework on MSMEs, national entrepreneur surveys, improved coordination between employer representatives and promoted women’s economic empowerment.

For a list of links to the names, addresses and contact information of national and international employers´ organizations with which we work please follow the link to the International Organisation of Employers website.