What's new

  1. ILO holds workshop on labour inspection instructions for factories benefitting from the EU's simplified rules of origin

    05 September 2019

    Participants discussed the impact of enhancing working conditions on improving productivity, trade and competitiveness of industrial enterprises.

  2. Jordan holds first national conference on labour inspection

    23 August 2019

    Organised by the ILO, the conference focused on ways to advance labour inspection in Jordan’s agricultural sector.

  3. ILO trains Jordanian journalists and government officials on fair labor migration reporting

    The training session covered key labour migration topics including human trafficking and right-based approaches.

  4. ILO to conduct workshop in Syria on child labour standard operating procedures

    The aim of the workshop is to reduce the worst forms of child labour the development of standard operating procedures (SOPs).

  5. ILO to conduct SCREAM module workshop in Syria

    The workshop aims to train attendees in implementing the SCREAM programme which works to defend children’s rights through education, art, and media.

  6. The ILO and Lebanon’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education launch entrepreneurship education training for vocational and technical schools in Lebanon

    The ILO Know About Business entrepreneurship education programme training will target 50 teachers of vocational and technical schools in Lebanon

  7. Video - OSH Month Qatar 2019

    08 August 2019

  8. Strategic Compliance sub-regional workshop in Beirut

    05 August 2019

    The ILO's Regional Office for Arab States and the Labour Administration, Labour Inspection and Occupational Safety and Health Branch organized a sub-regional office in Beirut from 30 July to 2 August 2019 to introduce the ILO's strategic compliance intervention model.

  9. ILO and Australia sign agreement to advance decent work in the floriculture sector in Jordan

    04 August 2019

    The new partnership will support Jordanians and Syrian refugees to develop their skills and enhance their employability in the sector.

  10. ILO trains Yemeni local actors and community leaders on the prevention of children’s recruitment in armed conflict.

    Under the CRUCSY programme, the workshop aims to educate and build the capacity of government officials, community leaders, civil society organisations, and enforcement agencies on methods to prevent the use of children in armed conflicts in Yemen.