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  1. Minister of Labour signs the decree implementing the Labour Law amendments for Palestine Refugees

    28 February 2011

    The Lebanese Minister of Labour in the caretaking government Boutros Harb signed on Tuesday (22nd of February) a decree implementing amendments to the Labour Law that were adopted last August, thus facilitating access of Palestinian Refugees to work permits and de-linking those permits from a work contract.

  2. Statement by the ILO Director-General on the situation in Libya

    24 February 2011

    The Director-General of the ILO, Juan Somavia, associates himself fully with the grave concern and condemnation expressed by the Security Council and the Secretary-General of the United Nations on the dramatic situation in Libya.

  3. World Day of Social Justice 2011- Juan Somavia: ‘Time for a new era of social justice based on decent work’

    17 February 2011

    It is time to build a new era of social justice on a foundation of decent work. Recent events flashing across the world’s television screens have brought into sharp focus demands that have been brewing in the hearts of people: the desire for a decent life and a decent future based on social justice.

  4. Statement by ILO Director-General on the situation in Egypt

    02 February 2011

    The world has followed with great respect the massive and courageous expressions of the will of the people of Egypt during the events of recent days. In the difficult times ahead it will be of critical importance that the government and all other actors commit to peaceful action to open the way to a new era of social justice in Egypt's proud history.

  5. Making Microfinance Work: Managing for Improved Performance

    This training is aimed at improving the technical knowledge and management skills of managers of microfinance institutions so that they may reach more clients and improve their performance

  6. Making microfinance work in Arab states

    14 January 2011

    Microfinance managers from Iraq, Syria and Lebanon will gather in Beirut, Lebanon from 17 to 27 January 2011 for a ten-day workshop to improve their technical knowledge and management skills in using financial instruments to promote decent work.

  7. Arab countries commit to social dialogue in Rabat

    16 December 2010

    Government, employer and worker representatives placed 'social dialogue' at the heart of the Arab Action Agenda for Employment in Rabat, Morocco on Thursday (December 16).

  8. Rejuvenating "social economies" in the Arab region

    26 November 2010

    Cooperatives, which employ over 100 million people globally, could be a driving force for employment, growth and decent work but remain under-utilized in the Arab region, according to representatives of governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations, and cooperatives from six Arab countries gathered in Beirut, Lebanon from November 23-26.

  9. First ILO World Social Security Report: Social security plays critical role in times of crisis, but still eludes much of the world

    17 November 2010

    A new report by the International Labour Office (ILO) says that while social security measures have played a critical role in reducing the social impact of economic crises both now and in the past, basic social security coverage remains out of reach for most of the world, especially in low-income countries.

  10. ILO expands portfolio of technical cooperation in the occupied Palestinian territory

    14 November 2010

    The International Labour Organization will announce plans to expand its portfolio of activities in the occupied Palestinian territory on Monday (November 15), before representatives of the Palestinian Authority, governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations, as well as UN agencies.