What's new

  1. ILO and SDC launch new programme to protect migrant workers in vulnerable situations in the Arab States, with a focus on workers from Africa

    30 March 2020

    The FAIRWAY Programme, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by ILO, responds to the need to ensure decent work for migrant workers, including in sectors where they are at high risk of exploitation, such as in domestic work, construction and hospitality, and will support interregional collaboration between countries in Africa and the Middle East.

  2. Resilience and decent work can mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on Jordan’s labour market

    26 March 2020

  3. Kuwait pledges additional funds to support ILO interventions in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

    17 March 2020

    A new contribution from the Kuwait representation in Geneva of US$ 500,000 will help ILO promote decent work and social justice for Palestinian women and men.

  4. ILO opens its first coordination office in Baghdad

    10 March 2020

    The office will allow the ILO to expand its work to promote employment opportunities and decent work principles, as part of post-conflict reconstruction.

  5. ILO and Lebanon Ministry of Labour to host national dialogue on reforming Kafala

    09 March 2020

    Stakeholders will take part in a national consultation to discuss short and long-term measures to ensure decent work for migrant workers in Lebanon.

  6. International Women's Day: Working Women in Jordan 

    06 March 2020

    In tribute to women’s contributions to the world of work, the ILO has asked women in Jordan what they like most about their jobs. 

  7. ILO Regional Director Jaradat welcomes Lebanon’s Minister of Labour Yammine at the ILO’s regional headquarters

    28 February 2020

    The visit was the first by the newly-appointed minister to the ILO Regional Office for Arab States in Beirut.

  8. FAIRWAY collaboration with the International Domestic Workers’ Federation leads to strengthened domestic workers’ association in Kuwait

    26 February 2020

    Since 2017, the FAIRWAY Programme has been supporting the International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF) to empower domestic workers in Kuwait through organizing, and has led to the establishment of the Sandigan Kuwait Domestic Workers Association (SKDWA) in the Philippines community, as well as outreach to African communities.

  9. Youth Employment in Changing Labour Markets

    06 February 2020

    Presentation on "Youth Employment in Changing Labour Markets" in G20 countries presented at the 1st Employment Working Group (EWG) meeting under the Saudi G20 Presidency (Jeddah, 4-6 February 2020)

  10. G20 Recent employment trends 2020

    06 February 2020

    Presentation of recent employment trends for G20 countries presented at the 1st Employment Working Group (EWG) meeting under the Saudi G20 Presidency (Jeddah, 4-6 February 2020)