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  1. Publication

    Job and work analysis : guidelines on identifying jobs for persons with disabilities

    01 December 2005

    Provides advice to placement officers on how to find meaningful employment for people with disabilities. Highlights the process of job and work analysis.

  2. Publication

    Guidelines for Developing Child Labour Monitoring Processes

    01 November 2005

    The guideline provides information on how to design, develop and operate child labour monitoring ans describes a genetic model of the process of child labour monitoring along with practical examples that will help you to adopt the model to specific child labour situations.

  3. Statement

    Opening speech at 3rd China Employers’ Forum

    15 October 2005

    By Ms Constance Thomas, Director, ILO Office for China and Mongolia

  4. Project

    Support to the Proposed National Sub-programme to Eliminate the Worst Forms of Child Labour: Time-Bound Measures

    30 September 2005

    The project aims at strengthening the enabling environment for national action against the worst forms of child labour and developing the area based integrated interventions model to elimainte the worst forms of child labour at the local level by removing and preventing at least 6000 boys and girls at risk or engaged in the worst forms of child labour.

  5. Statement

    Opening remarks at Training Workshop on Labour Flexibility Measures

    27 September 2005

    By Ms Constance Thomas, Director, ILO Office for China and Mongolia

  6. Publication

    Baseline survey on child domestic workers in Mongolia

    01 August 2005

    The main objective with the collection of primary data is to be able to estimate the urban incidence of CDWs in Ulaanbaatar and to estimate the rural incidence of CDWs in the three selected rural aimags. The survey results are expected to clarify the differences in the realities facing child domestic workers in urban and rural areas in Mongolia.

  7. Publication

    Study on policy evaluation and recommendations for flexible employment in china

    30 July 2005

    In the Study on the current situation of flexible employment in China - coverage, evolution and status, we have already researched into the concept, definition, type, scale, distribution and impact of various flexible employment forms in China. This report will go on to discuss about the adjustment in China’s legislation, institution and policy in response to increased flexibility in the labor market.

  8. Publication

    China Youth Employment Report — Analysis Report of China’s Survey on School to Work Transition

    30 May 2005

    The School to Work Transition Survey is the first sizable investigation in China on issues relating to employment of young people that makes use of research methodologies from International Labor Organizations, which will just meet the need of the research on China’s youth employment.

  9. Statement

    Opening Remarks to the Wrap-up Meeting of the ILO/Japan Regional Project on Strategic Approaches towards Employment Promotion

    29 March 2005

    By Mr Shinichi Hasegawa, Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

  10. Publication

    Analysis report of the baseline survey for the TICW Project Phase II in Yunnan province

    01 January 2005

    Gives details of the findings from interviews carried out in 2004, of some 7,000 persons in six sending areas (County of Yuanyang, Jinping, Hekou, Pu’er, Menglian and Ximeng) and two receiving areas (District of Wuhua and Panlong) in Yunnan province.