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  1. Project

    Extending Social Protection to Herders with Enhanced Shock Responsiveness

    20 January 2020

    Acknowledging high risks herders and rural children faced in being left behind, this UN Joint Programme (UNJP) seeks to support national authorities and provincial governments, in closing the social protection gaps for this population, with a particular concern on its role in reducing their vulnerabilities to poverty and extreme climate change. The ILO, FAO, UNFPA and UNICEF in Mongolia, under the leadership of the UN Resident Coordinator of Mongolia will work closely with the Government of Mongolia, social partners and other relevant stakeholders. The programme results will primarily contribute in achievement of SDG 1.3, 1.5 and 13.1.

  2. Event

    3-R Training of Trainers and Validation Workshop

    Within the framework of the EU-funded project on Sustaining GSP-Plus Status by Strengthened National Capacities to Improve ILS Compliance and Reporting-Mongolia Phase 2 (MNG/17/50/EUR), the Authority for Family, Child and Youth Development (AFCYD) will organize a training of trainers on 3-R Kit: Empowerment for Children, Youth and Families: Rights, Responsibilities and Representation (TOT) and Validation Workshop.

  3. Video

    Green Entrepreneurship and a Just Transition for Sustainable Investments Seminar with commercial banks, 12 November 2019

    24 December 2019

    The UN Partnership for Action on Green Economy and the International Labour Organization (ILO) in collaboration with Mongolian Sustainable Finance Association analyzed the risk associated investments that are harmful for the environment.

  4. Press release

    EU, ILO and Chinese Ministry of Human resources partner to promote universal social protection in China

    18 December 2019

  5. News

    ILO celebrates 100 years of promoting decent work and advancing social justice

    16 December 2019

    The ILO Country Office for China and Mongolia, its friends and supporters, came together to celebrate the end of 2019 which marked the 100 years anniversary of the Organisation.

  6. Event

    CMTU Training on Employment Contracts for Construction Workers

    The Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions (CMTU) and its affiliate –the Construction Workers’ Trade Union are organizing this training for members-tower crane operators to improve their understanding of employment contracts. The training is supported by the ILO RBSA project “Formal Employment Is Promoted for Inclusive and Diversified Economic Growth in Mongolia”.

  7. Event

    Tripartite Workshop on Reduction of Informal Employment in the Construction Sector through Labour Inspection

    The Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions (CMTU) will host a tripartite workshop as part of its efforts to address issues and challenges of informal workers in the construction sector. The workshop is supported by the ILO RBSA project “Formal Employment Is Promoted for Inclusive and Diversified Economic Growth in Mongolia”.

  8. Publication

    Improving social protection for internal migrant workers in China

    12 December 2019

    The report further argues that the social security coordination mechanism used among EU Member States could be a useful reference for China. It suggests to: 1) enhance the centralized management of social security funds at the national level; 2) eliminate household registration restrictions to allow migrant workers to register in the social security schemes for urban and rural residents at the place of employment; 3) upgrade the social security information system; and, 4) improve the efficiency of the transfer of social security records and benefits between provinces.

  9. Publication

    Improving the social protection of workers migrating between China and the EU countries

    12 December 2019

    With fast growing international trade and exchanges, international migration between China and EU countries has increased greatly in recent decades. Past experiences in a number of countries have shown that the conclusion of bilateral social security agreements (SSAs) is an effective way of improving the social protection of migrant workers.

  10. News

    ILO GBDN-China celebrates progress in 2019

    06 December 2019

    Over the year 2019, the member companies of the Global Business and Disability Network - China Chapter (GBDN-China) have increased the number of employees with disabilities in their workforce.