SafeYouth@Work Project: Building a Generation of Safe and Healthy Workers - Mongolia

The US Department of Labor-funded SafeYouth@Work project aims to promote the occupational safety and health (OSH) of young workers, with focus on those aged 15 to 24.

Mongolia is a young country, with median age of just 27 years, and 17.4 per cent of its almost 3 million population is aged 15 to 24. More than 55 percent of the working-age population is 15 to 34 years; therefore, young workers form a highly significant part of the labour market.

Following its transition to a market economy, Mongolia has experienced rapid economic growth that is based on mining and construction sector. According to General Agency for Specialized Inspection of Mongolia, 2000 occupational accidents occurred between 2009 and 2013 across all sectors, and young workers are especially vulnerable to occupational injuries and diseases due to lack of work experience and relevant job training.


Objective 1. Comprehensive, relevant and quality data and information on OSH for young workers are available for effective use.

1.1. National OSH Profile updated with specific information on OSH for young workers.
1.2. The Fifth National OSH Programme (2017-2020) developed, including specific information on the situation of young workers.
1.3. National stakeholders are more timely informed about OSH trends and developments relevant to young workers

Objective 2. National training programmes adequately address the OSH learning needs of young workers.

2.1. TVET programmes have strengthened OSH components.

Objective 3. National capacities to promote and enforce OSH compliance are enhanced.

3.1. OSH inspectors are better equipped to identify workplace risks and hazards at workplace, in particular those affecting young workers.
3.2. Joint workplace OSH Committees promote increased OSH compliance for young workers in the mining sector.
3.3. National Triparite OSH Committee works to effectively address OSH issues for young workers.