Decent work country programme

The better jobs, the better tomorrow for Mongolia

The ILO and the tripartite constituents of Mongolia agreed to work together for better Mongolia through decent work in next five years.

News | Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia | 26 September 2023
ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia (ILO News) – Mongolia is a lower middle income developing country in northern Asia with an economy reliant on extractive industries with limited diversification of the economy. Vision 2050 of Mongolia, the country’s long-term development policy document, highlights that the country becomes a high-income country with high level of human development, better quality of life, a diversified economy and good governance.

The ILO, a UN specialised agency on labour and employment, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with its tripartite constituents – the Government of Mongolia, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (MLSP), Mongolian Employers’ Federation (MONEF) and Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) on behalf and for employers, and Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions (CMTU) on behalf of and for Mongolian workers making a commitment to implement the Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP) for Mongolia in 2023-27 to achieve universal social protection, full and productive employment and decent work and sustainable enterprises for better Mongolia and better future of people of Mongolia.

After signing the MOU, the parties pose for a photoshoot.

The DWCP Mongolia focuses on the following priorities:
  1. Social protection system is in line with international labour standards to ensure access to all - children, youth, men, women, people with different gender identities, persons with disabilities, migrant workers and older persons
  2. Enhanced employment opportunities for all, including women and the vulnerable groups, to access decent and sustainable employment in an increasingly green and formalized economy
  3. International labour standards enforced through improved legal framework and effective social dialogue and tripartite mechanism
“According to a research, demand for labour force has increased in the past twenty years. However, most of the jobs were created in low-pay sectors, and sixty percent of which delivered income below the national average wage. This leads that the policy should focus on creating decent, quality jobs for men and women” said Bulgantuya Khurelbaatar, Minister for Labour and Social Protection

This DWCP builds on the ILO’s four pillars of decent work: (1) promoting jobs and enterprise; 2) guaranteeing rights at work; (3) extending social protection; and (4) promoting social dialogue, with gender equality as a cross-cutting theme. These pillars not only contribute to the decent work agenda but are vital to achieving the entire sustainable development agenda.

“We are all committed to implement this programme in coming five years for better Mongolia with resilient, productive and green economy which can generate decent work for all and guarantee labour rights for all working men and women. The ILO stands committed to support your common endeavour during the implementation of this programme” said Changhee Lee, Director of ILO Country Office for China and Mongolia.

Implementation of DWCP will be monitored through a technical-level working group quarterly meetings and an annual steering committee meeting.