Ratify C190

Women entrepreneurs can make changes to eliminate violence and harassment in world of work in Mongolia

“Women Entrepreneurs’ High-level Meeting: Decent Workplace” to raise awareness of women entrepreneurs’ understanding and knowledge about the violence and harassment at work, takes place on March 14, 2022. This event is supported by EU-funded project Trade for Decent Work.

Mongolia has recently made a notable improvement in the legislative framework of labour relations. The new labour law, which has come into effect from January 2022, has many provisions that bring Mongolian labour law closer to international labour standards while giving full consideration to specific national contexts. They include protection from and prevention of all types of violence and harassment at work, such as sexual harassment, and adequate access to remedies and support for victims.

Yet, different forms of violence and harassment at the workplace including gender-based violence in the public and private sector have been a serious social problem in Mongolia for a long time. A study recently completed on violence and harassment at work in Mongolia by the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia shows that one in two persons are bullied or harassed at workplaces in Mongolia, causing not only physical and psychological damage to the victims, but also economic harm to families, companies, and economy at large.

In preventing and management of violence and harassment at the workplace, employers and the business community play an important role to create a productive workplace where male and female workers can devote themselves to higher quality work, free from discrimination and all forms of violence and harassment. By doing so, the employers should be better equipped with the knowledge about violence and harassment, good practices, and decent work in general, in order to develop and implement the rules at the organisational level as well as create a zero-tolerance culture for violence and harassment at the workplace.

At the high-level discussion, not only ILO’s Convention No.190 is promoted, but also the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia presents the findings of the prevalence study on violence and harassment, which was financially and technically supported by the ILO. Moreover, Rio Tinto Mongolia and APU JSC, the two of the biggest ventures in Mongolia, share their best practices with women entrepreneurs and women parliament members.

The event raises awareness about violence and harassment at work and the importance of a decent working environment among the business community and creates a space for further discussion for solutions and cooperation.

This Event is jointly organized by Mongolian Employers' Federation, National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia and International Women's Federation of Commerce and Industry in Mongolia

For more information, please contact:

Ms Purevtogtokh Ganbold
National Project Manager