Capacity-building Training Held for Herder Cooperatives

Capacity-building training on leadership and advocacy held online for 30 herder cooperative representatives from 5 soums of Zavkhan province between September 16-17 as part of the ILO-led UN Joint Programme (UNJP) "Extending Social Protection to Herders with Enhanced Shock Responsiveness."

"Munh nomin tugul" cooperative representatives are giving information about the incentive mechanisms to herders, Durvuljin soum, Zavkhan province.
The project has been working with these cooperatives to strengthen their governance to support them in making joint and informed decisions. In 2020, the UNJP partner National Association of Mongolian Agricultural Cooperatives assessed herder cooperatives to apply innovative mechanisms to increase herders' social insurance coverage and found that the governance and performances of herder cooperatives were inadequate and needed further development.

In this regard, the UNJP held capacity-building training to enhance cooperatives' capacity around leadership and skills of cooperative members, help them plan and implement advocacy, and equip them with necessary skills related to governance and advocacy. The main topics of the training included:
  • Basics of leadership (leader's behaviors and abilities, cooperative members' leadership)
  • Advocacy (best practices, strategy)
  • Cooperatives (planning, legal environment
As a result of the training, participants will have improved knowledge about leadership and an increased understanding of advocacy that they can use to improve their governance, leading to better performance that will result in more efficiency.

"Khatan Ider" cooperative representatives are filling out a survey for the assessment of their activities, Ider soum, Zavkhan province