Strengthening the capacity of employers' organizations

ILO/MONEF Workshop on Quality Assurance and Good Governance models for IN BUSINESS programmes

The workshop intends to create a forum to discuss the collective process where the Mongolian Employers’ Federation (MONEF), vendors, and other key stakeholders must work together to accomplish the mission and objectives of the IN BUSINESS programme. The roll-out of this programme is being supported by the ILO project on Promoting Formal Employment for Inclusive and Diversified Economic Growth in Mongolia (MNG/18/01/RBS).


In recognition of the need for EBMO to innovate and adapt to remain relevant, and the growing competition with EBMOs around service provision (amplified by the expansion of digital services), the programme model for IN BUSINESS concentrates on assisting apex EBMO like MONEF to create, facilitate and grow a market for IN BUSINESS training services. As a multi-sided market place, the role of MONEF is primarily focused on providing a governance structure and a set of standards and protocols to facilitate interactions between vendors and clients - at scale so that network effects can be unleashed. In this way, the strategy for market growth centres then on MONEF adding participants to the marketplace (bringing more and more vendors and clients to the marketplace), rather than by MONEF investing its time, capacity and resources in delivering training services itself.

The proposed workshop is designed to walk through these different roles and responsibilities of stakeholders as well as to present different models for good governance and quality assurance which may be adapted to the Mongolian context.


  • Clarify quality assurance and good governance in the context of IN BUSINESS
  • What is unique about the IN BUSINESS programme model
  • Outline different models for quality assurance and good governance of national IN BUSINESS programmes
  • Discuss appropriate options for Mongolia and the role and responsibility of MONEF

Target Audience

Secretariat staff and representatives of MONEF that are expected to play a role in the governance and implementation of IN BUSINESS