Making Herders Accessible to Skills Learning and Knowledge on Benefits of Social Insurance through Establishing Herder Programme to National Training Institution of Lifelong Education in Mongolia

“Extending Social Protection to Herders with Enhanced Shock Responsiveness” UN Joint Project, led by International Labour Organization in Mongolia is establishing Herder programme at National Lifelong Learning Education institution in Mongolia ensuring nation-wide sustainable sources of skills learning and awareness raising knowledge for herders.

Online meeting with NCLLE and its consultants to develop Herder programme module
National Centre for Lifelong Learning Education (NCLLE ) is a key institution to institutionalize Herder programme to increase herders efficiency of livestock production and social insurance coverage at nationwide. NCLLE is one of the a few institutions that has branches all 21 province centers and LLE trainers in all 330 soums. As an education sub-sector in Mongolia, life-long learning education (LLE) considered as a success, given the tangible results such as open and flexible courses and trainings suitable for all age groups, regardless of their residential location and time limitations, which allows all citizens to constantly develop and increase their skills and knowledge in their interested area.

However, there is a need for expanding education and training activities provided by lifelong learning education centers, in line with population growth and changes in population dynamics such as average age of Mongolian citizens, employment status etc. In particular, new education and training activities shall be introduced that meets with current needs and demands of the adult population, for instance legal, health and social protection education, household economy for adults. Especially herders are in need of resilient, up to date and shock responsive knowledge and skills to improve their income and resiliency. Even though pastureland based herding is a main traditional enterprise in Mongolia; there are no nationally established skills training programmes.

We aim to develop Herder programme for NCLLE with LLE trainers’ methodological manuals and herder handbooks and their digital/online versions on the six key livestock production skills and knowledge including herders’ social protection topic and institutionalize it at nationwide through 21 province LLE centers and local 354 trainers. As result, at the end of 2021, LLE trainers will reach over 20 per cent herders and increase their social insurance coverage by 5 per cent.

The LLE trainer methodological manuals and herder handbooks will include the following topics:
  1. Introduction to livestock dairy production and technologies
  2. Introduction to wool & cashmere production and technologies
  3. Introduction to tan production and technologies
  4. Introduction to meat production and technologies
  5. Introduction to benefits of Herder’s social insurance coverage
  6. Introduction to governance and performance of Herder cooperatives
On 11 June 2021, the project had meeting with NCLLE and its 5 consultants and agreed on methodology, design and structure of trainer and herder handbooks of Herder programme.

Consultants working on methodology, design and structure of trainer and herder handbooks of Herder programme:
  • L.Oyun, Ph.D & Associate Professor. Lecturer at National University of Mongolia
  • M.Khureltogoo, Ph.D, Researcher at Mongolian Institute for Educational Research
  • N.Sainbayar, Master. Methodologist, Physics Education Training, Institute of Teacher Professional Development
  • D.Uuriintuya, Ph.D. Head of Foreign Affairs, Mongolian State University of Education
  • B.Natsagdorj Ph.D & Associate Professor. Lecturer at the Law School of Ikh Zasag University
NCLLE Herder programme will be launched in September 2021 along with 21 province LLE trainers ToT.