On-line HealthWISE training for healthcare workers in Hubei Province

In the context of COVID-19: Promoting Occupational Safety and Health in Healthcare settings


Health workers are at the frontline to contain COVID-19 and protect the community from infection. The occupational safety and health is fundamental to enable healthcare workers to fulfil their work and response the crisis.

In the global response to COVID-19, both the ILO and WHO called action to apply HealthWISE training manual at workplace. The manual was developed by the ILO and WHO in 2014 and has been widely implemented in many healthcare settings across the world. Evidence has shown that HealthWISE is a practical tool in empowering healthcare workers to protect their health and safety at workplace.

The ILO HIV Program has been supporting the national partner to implement HealthWISE for years and has engaged 130 hospitals across the country in application of HealthWISE in their workplaces since 2015.

Hubei is one of the provinces hit by the COVID-19 hardest and haven’t been covered by HealthWISE training in China yet. To strengthen OSH protection in healthcare settings, the ILO Beijing Office is cooperating with the Beijing Union Medical College to organize a series of on-line HealthWISE Training sessions for healthcare workers across the province.

Training sessions

Five training sessions focusing on the following modules will be organized.
  • Biological hazards and infection control with special reference to HIV and TB (Module 3)
  • Selecting, storing and managing equipment and supplies (Module 8)
  • Tackling discrimination, harassment and violence at workplace (Module 4)
  • Working time and family-friendly measures (Module 7)
  • Musculoskeletal hazards and ergonomic solutions (Module 2)

Contact person

Wu Rulian, Programme Officer