UN Joint Programme in Mongolia

Social Protection Diagnostic Review and Financing Strategy Study for Mongolia

ILO-led UN Joint Programme “Extending Social Protection to Herders with Enhanced Shock Responsiveness” begins its flagship study, Social Protection Diagnostic Review.

News | 19 October 2021
The study aims to develop a diagnostic view of Mongolia’s current social protection scheme, identify policy gaps and implementation issues, and further develop financing strategy and policy recommendations for the Government of Mongolia. UNFPA Mongolia collaborates with ILO on the study covering Financing strategy issues.

One of the outcomes of the UNJP is that the “Government, in consultation with social partners, will have formulated strategy and resources mobilization strategy that takes into account a whole life cycle approach.” The diagnostic review is the critical activity of the outcome. The study will be carried out by Maastricht University, UNU-Merit and national consultants.

The kick-off meeting of the study took place on 18 October 2021 with representatives from ILO, UNFPA Mongolia and research team. During the meeting, participants discussed the priority issues for the study and things to consider. For instance, Nuno Meira Simoes, ILO Specialist on social protection, emphasized the importance of the shock responsiveness in the study because a large share of the Mongolian population is somehow impacted by climate change and how it might even increase in the future. Nuno also highlighted the importance of not sticking to specific tools and being open-minded during the study. In addition, Marie-Christina Dankmeyer, ILO’s Social protection and climate change specialist, SOCRPO, mentioned the usefulness of climate change mitigation elements in the study. The diagnostic review is expected to be completed in March 2022.

Meeting participants