ILO: Good safety is good business

ILO Deputy Director-General, Gilbert Houngbo says being able to earn a living in safe and healthy workplaces is a basic human right that needs to be ensured and is a win-win for workers and businesses, at the 7th China International Forum on Work Safety in Beijing.

Press release | 23 September 2014
ILO Deputy Director-General Gilbert Houngbo
BEIJING - Being safe at work is a basic human right, said ILO Deputy Director-General Gilbert Houngbo at the opening of the 7th China International Forum in Beijing, organized by the State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) and the International Labour Organization.

"For employers, good safety is good business; for governments, occupational safety and health is central to good governance,” said Houngbo during his speech to the Forum.

In the past three decades, China’s social and economic development has propelled the country to the status of second largest economy in the world. Chinese President Xi Jinping recently said that human life is of the utmost importance, development must not be at the expense of people's lives.

The ILO has been working together with SAWS, China Enterprises Confederation (CEC) and All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) to promote a safety culture and to strengthen the work safety inspectorate.

The inspectorate is the backbone of law enforcement and provision of information and advice to employers and workers. "We will continue to support the Chinese government and social partners in their endeavours," Houngbo said.

The ILO is working to launch a global initiative on occupational safety and health together with its member States, including China, to address the global challenges. It will focus on strengthening workplace compliance through labour inspection and protecting vulnerable groups of workers in workplaces.

Debuting in 2002, the China International Forum on Work Safety was established as a platform for safety and health stakeholders across the globe and takes place every two years.